Saturday, January 28, 2006

Finished Cold Granite

Finished Cold Granite this a.m. Was OK but nothing special. The plot was standard (one policeman is even reading a book by Ian Rankin in one brief scene -- Cold Granite seems to have aspirations in that direction), and the identity of one of the villains (there are quite a few of them) immediately obvious to a seasoned crime-fiction reader, but not picked up in the book until much nearer the end, when the main character has a "flash of inspiration". There are several fairly gruesome descriptions of corpses which, as usual, I skimmed as (in my view) unnecessary, but this fact would have made the book notorious rather than admired, presumably. A readable book, mildly suspenseful, but too many murders, and the resolving plotlines too connected, to be convincing. There will be a sequel (start of first chapter included in p/b of this book).