Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Book-review supplements in newspapers

Quite a debate going on over at Books, Inq. about stand-alone book-review sections in newspapers. They are pretty rare in the United States, apparently. I am not sure how weekly book-review round-ups fare in the local newspapers in the UK, not well either probably, although the nationals are quite least in what used to be called the broadsheets. Actually, what do I know? I only read the Saturday Times's weekly books supplement (which also has su dokus!), though from reading Sarah Weinman's weekly round-up, the UK situation seems fairly healthy. Still making very little progress on anything outside work and domestic stuff. Tomorrow I am off to a two-day workshop to help specify a production-tracking system so I may not do any posting or blog checking. Will I get withdrawal symptoms in the latter case? Well, at least I might use the time to make headway with Cold Granite while I am Cold Turkey, ha ha.