Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Goodbye, but a new hello.

Petrona has moved. I will no longer be posting on this site, but over at a different web host, Typepad. Petrona's new url is http://www.petrona.typepad.com , so please do bookmark the new site and come to visit. I very much welcome you there and hope you will continue to read and comment. My first post at the new site is about the move. I will keep this Blogger site live in case of any links "out there" to the postings contained in it. The whole archive has been copied over onto the new site. I will notbe making new postings to this Blogger site, though, so I suggest that you over-write its url in your favourites/bookmarks lists. I do apologise for asking you to change to a new url, as I know it is a pain to do things like this. But I hope you will have enough motivation to do so, and that you'll continue to visit me at the new site. Thank you very much for visiting Petrona. With best wishes Maxine.