Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Preparing for Divorce While Happily Married

Preparing for Divorce While Happily Married: Tips From a Divorce Lawyer by Jonathan J. Fogel, Esq. I just had to draw attention to a review of the above book on the Armchair Interviews blog. As can be deduced from the title, the book is about preparing for divorce while happily married, to save yourself a lot of trouble and expense when the time comes....The review contains gems like: "If you're in the throws (sic) of a highly charged divorce, his book is a handy reference." (The spelling makes me wonder if they mean handy in the sense of chucking at the less-than-perfect spouse, possibly to keep him/her in order?) I love the way Armchair Interviews sums it up after the end of the review: "No one wants to think their marriage will fail but Fogel's book is a good one to have handy. " So now you know what to buy your friends and relations for a wedding present.