Sunday, April 23, 2006

While I was away, part 2

Michael Allen, who I think of as the "not very grumpy" "not very old" bookman, has found a blog called the Bibliophile Bookpen which I agree seems excellent, and a bit creatively manic. It is apparently focused on used books, but it seems to me to have lots more about books, arts, listings and culture in general, with a hefty dose of satire. Mr Allen also has a doubly (at least) interesting post about fulfillment of Amazon sales and "the longest 200-page book" that the translator Viktor Janis has read. The Amazon posting continues a theme developed in an earlier post "Hot Cross Buns", which has several comments on the perennial topic of independent vs online booksellers, including a couple from me. The Hot Cross Buns post links to one of Minx's lovely lists. Since then, Minx has added to her reference theme with a "blogology": an in-depth study of the blogger and their habits, which is, as ever, delightful and pertinent -- it will make you smile a lot more than Wikipedia's effort. I'm interrupted here to "person the taxi". Back later, if I'm lucky.