Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Book review: The Mercy Seat

Well, I am most tempted to eat a piece of chocolate to celebrate, but I'll reluctantly resist -- I've had a book review published! I've been writing quite a bit on Petrona about my crime-fiction interests, and Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. and book-review editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer was sufficiently intrigued to ask me to review "The Mercy Seat" by Martyn Waites. Not only that, but he published the review! I'm very grateful to Frank for the opportunity. See what I thought of the book by clicking on the link in the preceding sentence. Frank has also mentioned the review on Books, Inq., as has the erudite Jenny D on her blog "Light Reading", which I admire greatly. The tantalisingly mysterious "Inner Minx" (see her lovely blog) has also written nice words, as well as the very kind and stalwart Dave Lull. So I'm feeling pretty good with all these generous friends. Still managing to resist the chocloate, though. (Pity I can't say the same for the glass of wine sitting next to me.)