Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time off for good behaviour

No time to post tonight: I went straight from work to an "Arts Evening" at Jenny's school which over-ran by an hour. It was very pleasant to wander round the classrooms looking at the displays of art and sculpture; to watch the drama group and all the various talents on display, as well as the pride and engagement of all the teachers. Wonderful. Jenny and her friend Lydia sang a duet, the "Fruits Basket" theme, which was unaccompanied as the piano teacher had never heard of Fruits Basket (what?! where has he been all his life?) so did not know the tune. Lydia is a very assured singer who has an operatic voice, so she and Jenny were very sweet to listen to. I'll just ask the question: Can newspapers do blogs right? (via USC Annenburg Online Journalism Review). Robert Niles has emailed this question to several prominent journalists in the wake of a couple of recent scandals: plagiarism at and posting comments under false identities at the Los Angeles Times. Read the answers by Anthony Moor, Xeni Jardin (of Boing Boing), Lisa Stone, Chris Nolan and Nick Denton (links to their blogs or publications are provided on the source blog), plus, of course, the comments. I agree with Xeni Jardin (who must have one of the coolest names in blogging) : "I think the fact that people make such an unnatural distinction between blogging and writing for a newspaper is part of the problem. Behave in your blog as you would in the paper. " That's it for tonight. I'll hope to return tomorrow.