Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lemonick Blogs

Lemonick Blogs. The Loom: A blog about life, past and future Time's science writer (or one of them), Mike Lemonick, has started a blog. Carl Zimmer at The Loom approves of this, but not of the fact that Lemonick does not allow comments. He sums up succinctly why, confusingly on another blog called Pharyngula -- maybe he's now linking to a comment he made previously on the same topic somewhere else: "People who start a blog and don’t have a commenting function – I just think they’re cowards. I mean, if you’re going to be out there, you’ve got to have a real blog. Everybody else does! It’s kind of pathetic to be a professional journalist and feel like you can’t handle the heat. All those amateurs out there allow comments, and that’s what makes a blog really interesting, because it’s a conversation." There is a lot of interesting discussion in the comments (;-) ) about this point of view --- not from Lemonick, though. I'm not sure I will visit his blog if he does not allow comments. I don't want to comment on most of the blogs I read (thankfully, or I'd never get past square 1), but what I do like about blogging, as opposed to other types of reading, is that you can comment about what you read, when you read it, if you like.