Sunday, March 12, 2006

Transport map craze over

London Underground Tube Diary - Going Underground's Blog It happened first for the London Underground, then whipped round what seemed like every city transit system in the world, courtesy of Boing Boing. But now it is all over. Anagram transport maps, in London at least, have had their moment in the sun. The mash-ups were as unpopular with the officials of these systems as they were popular with the bloggers who created and linked to them. Boing Boing, being Canadian, has been reporting on some of the Toronto clampdowns. But, sadly, the London examples are gone or near-gone also, as reported at the link above. As Annie Mole writes of London Underground's action: "Admittedly, they're perfectly within their rights to do this, but I wonder why they don't go after all of the knock off T-Shirts and other stuff being sold for a profit, rather than spend time & money picking on easy targets like websites which aren't trying to make any money out of the spoofs." There is a (final?) London Underground map and message on the link above which in succinctly if impolitely puts the bloggers' point of view.