Sunday, March 05, 2006

Army of Davids

Frank Wilson at Books, Inq. has been writing for a while about Glenn Reynolds' (aka Instapundit) book Army of Davids. Frank has now reviewed the book (and interviewed the author by podcast); see Books, Inq.: My review .... for links to the review and interview. The book is about why I love the Internet, Web and Weblogs: "Where before journalists and pundits could bloviate atleisure, offering illogical analysis or citing 'facts' that were infact false, now the Sunday morning op-eds have already been dissectedon a Saturday night, within hours of their appearing on newspapers'websites." So I've cracked and ordered a copy of the hardback from Amazon UK. It will take 1-3 weeks to get to me, says Amazon, so will be a while before I read and digest it. It sounds better than David Vise's "The Google story", the last Internet book I read. I liked the first half of the Google story, about the origins and early days of Google, but went off it in the last part when it became a series of press clippings about the stock market flotation and development of the business. My interest in this topic concerns the ideas and content, not the business side. Reynolds' book sounds up my street from what Frank writes, so I am looking forward to receiving it. "....the Web,Wi-Fi and Google didn't develop and spread because somebody at the Bureau of Central Knowledge Planning planned them. They developed...from the uncoordinated activities of individuals."