Thursday, March 02, 2006


There has been much talk in the media about a recent robbery -- Britain's biggest ever (£53 million), meticulously planned, evil criminal gang, etc. One part of the plot was that some of the thieves dressed up as policemen, went to the home of the manager of the depot concerned, and were so convinicing that they readily persuaded his wife and child to go with them. The family found themselves kidnapped. (They were later released, unhurt.) A letter in yesterday's Times: Honest cop Sir, if I see a policeman in our village, I will know that he is bogus. Yours sincerely With apologies to our US friends, another letter in the same issue: Right, and reward? Sir, "The Iraqui who turned in Saddam Hussein's two sons to the Americans for $30 million had to move to California" (report, 25 February). At least he has the satisfaction of doing the right thing. Sincerely, (Just the British dry sense of humour! We don't mean it really.)