Friday, February 24, 2006

Back to square one

Thanks are due to Dave Lull for his nice email about my correction to apostrophes. And thanks also to James Long for putting me onto the right track for getting rid of those bullet points in the sidebar that were crashing into the text of the postings. James is a kind and patient colleague who told me: "I think what you've done is accidentally remove the reference to the sidebar styles, li, and so the sidebar has reverted to default html styles for list items in an unordered list, ul ." Of course this doesn't mean that I knew what to do with the code, so I set up a new blog, opened its template, and compared the html line by line until I found differences. Eventually, I found the bit I had inadvertently deleted, and all is back as it was! (Actually, not quite, there are still some bullet points in the sidebar but that's OK as they are not clashing into anything. And I can probably do the same thing to get rid of them in due course.) Thank you, James. James has also told me about a crime-fiction series author Tony Hillerman. He says: "It's a nice long series, so if you start near the beginning ('Skinwalkers', 'Thief of Time') you're in for a treat as the characters develop really well across the series." OK James, thank you, I will go off to Amazon now and have a look. Although I am happy, I am back to where I was before I started this attempt at tagging this blog. So I haven't got anywhere except to back where I started (pretty much). But that's fine, I'll attack the tagging in a more careful way again soon. (I'll use the Dave Lull approach of thinking carefully before doing anything.)