Saturday, March 18, 2006


Philobiblon: Tick off the new experience The thoughtful and feminist blog Philobiblon has a weekly (?) round up of women's blogs, as apparently women are not renowned for their presence in the "blogucopia" (my word for blogosphere) . I sent her (I assume Philobiblon's blog takes the feminine rather than the gender neutral) some recommendations, as requested, last week. Much to my delight, she has not only picked up on a couple of those but also on Petrona! I am so touched. It is a great sensation when you know someone has read your blog. Thank you, Philobiblion. While on the topic, my friend Giles Goat-Boy (Giles G-B for short) has encouraged me to re-try Performancing's web metrics. I have not been interested in monitoring visitors (as I don't suppose I have many, and Petrona is for my own thoughts as much as anything else). However, On G G-B's recommendation (as he does this kind of thing professionally and so knows what he is talking about) ,I gave it a whirl last night and put the code into Petrona, but nothing seemed to happen. I put this down to my technical incompetence, but on logging on today -- there it all is! So now I know I have visitors from France, Australia, USA etc -- and Giles G-B is right, it is heady (even when there are only a handful of viewers). Thanks, Giles G-B. (And I can recommend Performancing, linked in the right-hand navigation bar.) What a wonderful place is the company of bloggers!