Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I am taking a couple of days' holiday from work as it is half-term (although the girls have been doing their own thing independently, I am useful for ferrying them around). I did do some work of course, but decided to attempt to relax and watch a movie. "Elizabethtown" is one of our Amazon DVD rentals at the moment (for Cathy), and I was mildly interested in it, so I watched it. It was awful. I think I spotted Joe Don Baker (or is it Don Joe Baker?) in a couple of scenes, looking very old if it was him. However, the movie was just terrible in every respect apart from the JDB scenes (which weren't that good, but he has "screen presence"). Mawkish, cutesy, irritating.....help me please. To give you an example, the two central characters begin their relationship by having a conversation on their cell phones during a whole evening, during which they (individually) have a bath, paint toenails, have a pee, go to bed, etc. But NEVER ONCE does either of their batteries run out. Oh for heaven's sake, I am now wasting valuable time writing about this vacuous piece of rubbish. Just stop me here and send me to the penitentiary.