Saturday, January 14, 2006

Clovis vs bloggers

The Clovis Incident (author, correctly spelt, is Pari Noskin Taichert) is still all over the place at just over the half-way point. Last night I discovered "2005:Blogged" which I had picked up for a pound at the Christmas book sale at work, read the first couple of entries, and forgotten about. I read most of the entries last night and was entranced. I had no idea there was this vibrant UK blogging community: most of the RSS feeds I get via Bloglines seem to be either US, or about web/tecchie matters, or both. Not that these aren't interesting, but "2005:Blogged" was a revelation. The year was quite an eventful one in the UK, with a general election, terrorist bombs in London, an exciting Ashes test series and so on. How much more in tune I was with the blogged reports than the newspapers! However, one of these bloggers, Tim Worstall, must have filtered a great deal of rubbish to have created the book collection -- so it may not be that great once I have looked at a few. But I'll give it a try.