Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Buy Books Online - Tesco.com

Buy Books Online - Tesco.com It would take a lot to break me away from my brand loyalty to Amazon.co.uk. I have one or two quibbles with the site, for example the propensity for "gift vouchers" to disappear inbetween placing the order and the amount actually debited from your account. Also their DVD rental service, great when it first started, has stopped being quite so good in that they have started sending DVDs quite low down the list instead of reliably the top three. (Not that I would mind but the DVDs in question are for the girls and to them it is important to get Wedding Crashers before Herbie Fully Loaded (or whatever). ) But I digress (my usual fault). Amazon is great! I just read a post on Grumpy Old Bookman about Tesco.com's books pages. I went to have a look, and found that Tesco tracks Amazon's top sellers and offers them cheaper (about 10 p in some cases). Now I rarely buy books from Amazon's chart list becuase I've either read them by then or I don't want to read them. But this must be quite attractive to many people, especially if you can put books in the same basket as your weekly grocery shop (I'm addicted to Ocado.com, again despite a lesser service now than when it launched, so no temptations for me there). Interesting. As GOB points out, the selection on Tesco.com is far more limited than Amazon. He asks an interesting question, as yet unanswered, about how Tesco does all this: did they build the site themselves or are they relying on someone else for the stocking and dispatching? (The latter, he thinks.) Although GOB says that Tesco is outselling W H Smith by 5:1, I wonder what Amazon is going to do about Tesco, if anything?