Monday, December 19, 2005

Laura Lippman

Monday night, the week before Christmas. Continued to read "Every Secret Thing" by Laura Lippman. The book got excellent reviews but it is very slow indeed. It reminds me of Dennis Lehane's "Mystic River" but slower. It is the anatomy of a crime committed some time ago told from every possible person's point of view, relying on character rather than plot to hold the reader's interest. Well-written, certainly, but spun out for sure. Maybe the final third will take off and I will be eating these words tomorrow (or whenever I finish the book). At work today we worked out the doi routine for the website I am working towards launching early (?) next year. Last week I created search keywords for every page of the site to raise its profile on Google (and other engine) search returns after go-live. A very interesting process, diametrically different to the casual ease of publshing this blog -- which I can't quite believe I managed to do. But I seem to have done. Domesticity calls again, must go.